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Building A Stronger Democracy:

The American people wants to get back to making a decent wage again.  For a long while the American middle class has not only struggled but shrunk.  I know and understand that everyone wants the economy to grow.  A growing economy puts more money into families' pockets.  What I want to do is help make it easy for people to find better paying jobs, While at the same time help families save for retirement or their children's education.

Investing In Our Educational System:

Education is the key to American competitiveness and building a stronger economy, and is in need of Federal Investments.  The need for this type of investments is to support improvements in student's achievements and put our economy back on path to sustain growth.  The United States from persistent differences in achievements between students that is define by race, ethnicity and family income. What I want to see as a congresswoman is to continue to invest in education, so that we can create a system that can be more equitable and most importantly be able to compete in the global market place.

Fight For Equal Pay:

In 2014, the U. S. Senate blocked the Payback Fairness Act, which would make it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform the same work.  What I want to do is create a bill that will require businesses to publish salary for each position.  I want to make wages more transparent, and require employers to prove that wage discrepancies are tied to legitimate qualification and not just on gender. 

Raise Minimum Wage:

My whole objectives is to build a stronger economy.  One of the ways to do this is to raise the minimum wage accordingly.  Had the federal minimum wage kept up with the inflation, it would have kept up with work.  Increase in working productivity a little over 21.00 per hour.  My goal would be to work toward getting people into more productive line of work, so that wages can rise along with their productivity.

Make Healthcare Accessible To Everyone:

The ACA is not perfect, but can be made perfect.  If we can work across party lines, this I feel is the best way to make it affordable and accessible for everyone.  We have to make Affordable Healthcare the right for all Americans, and not a privilege.  Many may ask how do we do that, and I would say we do it by making Medicaid available for the poor and disable, but with stricter requirements that every able bodied of people work. With Medicare, we must preserve for seniors and disable citizens.  These are just a few examples.

Protecting Our Environment:

Climate change has already had a high effect on the environment.  Few examples we see is the ice on rivers, lakes are breaking up, Hurricanes whipping out of towns and islands, plants and animal range has lifted.  These are a few examples where it is evidence that shows that net damage cost of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time.

Honoring Our Veterans:

I respect and honor all men and women who have served in the military.  My father served in the army in WWI. My brother served in the United States Air Force, where he served 20 years.  What is amazing about honoring our veterans is that people who has spent part of their lives, from a few months to many years serving our country in the military.  This is important because it means without the military we will not have the freedom that we enjoy today. 

Protecting Animals:

I am a strong advocate in protection of wild and domestic animals, and to protect the habitats of threatened and endangered species.  We need resolution overturning the ability of the U. S. fish and wild life services to stop shooting or trapping endangered species.


I will be a strong advocate for a more comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for a law abiding undocumented immigrants.  I believe that to make our democracy stronger, we need to strengthen the securities of our boarder and not with walls.  Another way is to help create an economic growth that requires strategic immigration reform.  As other countries has aggressively reached out to skilled immigrants, but the U. S. has made it more difficult for foreign entrepreneurs to come to the United States.  Refusing to let more highly skilled immigrants into the United States is costing jobs, delaying economic recovery.

Defending Our Seniors:

We have to protect our seniors.  One good way is to not allow seniors to go without affordable healthcare it will fall into poverty and homelessness.  I will fight to make sure seniors are not neglected.  Remember under Donald Trump, the ACA would allow insurance companies to charge people 50-60 up to 6 times as much for younger adults.  According to Nancy Lesmond of AARP "older people will pay more will make Healthcare less secure and less affordable in the present ACA if signed into law."  The present Healthcare that was signed into law in 2010, aimed to provide greater access to Healthcare coverage.  Lower cost prescription drugs, preventive services and annual wellness visit, and private medical advantage. 

Preventing Gun Violance:

I strongly believe in the Brady Bill. Particularly those sold over the internet and gun shows.  Change has to start from some where, and believe funding research into gun control will certainly be a step in the right direction.

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