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About Jerlilia

Jerlilia Ryan is a small business owner and attorney who is running for Congress because she knows that in order to make our democracy strongER we must put Country before Party. For this she wants to be your Voice in Washington D.C.

Jerlilia Ryan is running for U.S. Congress to make sure every San Diego County family is afforded the same opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  

Jerlilia Ryan grew up in a working class family in Compton, California. Jerlilia attended elementary, junior, and high school in Compton. She knew in order to achieve her dreams, she had to work very hard in High School. She worked very hard and excelled as a student and athletic and was accepted at the University of California, San Diego.  Coming from the public schools in Compton to a University where everything was purely academic and quite challenging, she studied hard and maintained good grades. While in College, Jerlilia had to take out Student loans and work two jobs in order to pay for her education. She graduated from UCSD with a BA in Sociology, and a minor in Communications. Immediately after graduation, Jerlilia was offered a job working with the Department of the Navy Defense Department in their Accounting department.  She was an expenditure accountant that was assigned to service all of the Western Pacific Fleet. Within three years of working as an accountant, she excelled and became a Contract Specialist in the Department of the Navy’s Contracting Department.  After receiving her 10 year tenure, she decided she wanted to own her own business. In the early 90’s she quit her job as a contract specialist, and started her own small business as a supply broker. She supplied products to the City, State, and the Government.  Jerlilia ran a successful business for close to a decade.  Early 2000, after her last child graduated from high School she decided to fulfill her childhood dream and go back to school to get her law degree.  She went back to first receive her MBA, and shortly afterwards she went on to receive her Law Degree.  Jerlilia continue to work as a small business owner, and believe that her ability to run successful small businesses can give a voice in American government where small business can get the help they need under a favorable tax reform plan.  

Jerlilia has lived in the San Diego County close to four decades.  She has three adult children and one granddaughter. She raised her children as a single parent and worked hard to put her children through college where they had gone on to receive college degrees.

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